Be Your Own Publicist Workshop


Be Your Own Publicist Workshop

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As a small business owner or marketing manager, you wear a lot of hats, often including being your own publicist. This two-hour workshop is geared to sharing insider tips and tricks to make doing your own PR easy and impactful to your business success.

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Public relations is an incredibly powerful, cost-effective marketing tactic. The third-party endorsement of media exposes your brand in front of a large, qualified audience. Effective press coverage will drive traffic, interest and sales, while boosting your reputation. If you’re a small business owner, this is music to your ears. You need to get the word out about your business, while being mindful of budget. But PR and securing press coverage are also a bit mysterious. How do you contact media, and how do you get them to cover your business?

In this two-hour workshop, you will learn the tips and tricks to conducting your own PR, taught by Golden Word founder and 14-year PR veteran Elisabeth Edelman. The reality is, PR is not as daunting as it seems and can be taught to anyone – if you know what you’re doing. Elisabeth has worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 brands alike, from New York Fashion Week designers to Richmond favorites like Ledbury and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Some examples of her work here and here.

Over the course of this interactive workshop, we will break down the PR basics on how to:

  • reach your target customer

  • thoughtfully contact media (forget press releases!)

  • position your company to appeal to your end customer

  • maximize the impact of resulting press coverage.

This workshop is ideal for the solopreneur or small business owner who doesn’t yet the need the power of a full-fledged publicist, or a marketing manager brushing up on their PR skills. These lessons apply evenly to any industry.

Attendees will enjoy sips, snacks and a few surprises! Attendees numbers are limited so we can be sure to answer your personal questions. Each date offers the same curriculum, you need only sign up for one!

The livestream option will give you access to witness the class and follow along on the provided workbook.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

In the BYOP workshop, you'll learn about the power of third-party endorsements. To practice what we preach, a few workshop attendees chime in on their experience at BYOP:


Before I attended Golden Word's BYOP workshop, I knew nothing about public relations or why I should even think about doing my own PR. Through Elisabeth's expert advice, I learned how to cultivate relationships with members of the press, how to identify which stories would make sense, how to actually craft a pitch (it's not as scary as I thought!), and why adding these long-game tasks to my business on a weekly or monthly basis is important for growth and credibility. Elisabeth gives you step-by-step instructions for you to start immediately implementing in your business. If you are looking to grow and take your business to the next level, you can't afford to NOT attend! 

- Sydney Lester, Founder of ChicStripes


I know PR - I’ve done PR - I forgot how important PR can be. This course was a great refresher in a world I had done often, but had gotten away from to focus on day-to-day needs of my business. 

It also feels great talking about your business with other business owners! :) The session was a great reminder to keep your business top of mind! There was good conversation among the participants which helped spark more ideas. And to help me down the line, I signed up one of my managers to take a session. The more the merrier!

- AnnMarie Grohs, Founder of Boho Studios


Workshop Location

Richmond / Golden Word HQ / 711A N Allison Street

Charlottesville / Common House, Vinegar Hall / 206 W. Market St


Cancellation Policy

Life happens, we get it! If you need to cancel (or reschedule), we require 72 hours notice and can issue a full refund. Within 72 hours, you may opt to send someone in your place, but please let us know of the change. Thanks!



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